opBNB: BNB Chain’s L2 EVM mainnet now online

BNB Chainthe blockchain ecosystem of Binancenow has a layer2 EVM with opBNB.

This Wednesday, the team behind BNB Chain has announced the deployment of the mainnet of opBNBa layer 2 solution based on Optimism’s OP stack and compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM).

[opBNB] is designed to revolutionize blockchain technology by dramatically reducing gas costs, making blockchain accessible to all – a key part of BNB Chain’s mission,” reads a blog post.

The layer2which made its testnet debut last June, enables transactions to be carried out faster and at lower cost. More than 150 projects have committed to using opBNBaccording to the announcement.

On Twitter, BNB Chain reported that the test network had processed over 35 million transactions and recorded over 430,000 unique wallet connections.

Blockchain engineers from Binance are currently developing a decentralized sequencer mechanism for opBNB to minimize the risk of centralization and increase network resilience.

We also learn that L2 will be integrated with BNB Chain’s BNB Greenfield infrastructure to guarantee data availability between the two networks. “The strengthening of interoperability between opBNB and the BNB Greenfield network is a priority. This fosters a collaborative environment for developers, encouraging innovation and cross-network utility,” explained BNB Chain.

Note that the BNB Chain ecosystem already had a Layer 2 solution with zkBNB. However, the latter is not EVM-compatible.

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