OnlyFans launches an online store with products offered by the platform’s stars

OnlyFans is launching an online store where users will be able to order custom products from their favorite stars.

The adult entertainment platform will allow OnlyFans creators to include a link to online stores with personalized products. The services will be brokered by Spring, an e-commerce platform. Platform viewers who are interested in the service are directed to the Spring Store website, where they can create custom items such as water bottles, stickers, puzzles and apparel. Further, Spring will handle the processing and delivery of orders received.

OnlyFans stars can also put products they’ve personally made in the store.

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OnlyFans isn’t the only content platform trying to supplement its revenue by introducing e-commerce services. Another example is YouTube, where the platform allows creators with a large enough following to round up revenue from selling products and memorabilia through links attached to shared videos.

OnlyFans imposes a 20% commission on sales made by creators who upload pornographic-themed photos and videos. In return, users pay a monthly subscription of between $5 and $50 to view them.

Last year, the company also launched the streaming platform OnlyFans TV, or OFTV, where subscribers can watch series or other videos uploaded by the platform’s creators.

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