Online Casino and Sports betting sites

There are numerous bookies online that offer various services which include sports betting, casino games and other virtual games. However, not all these online casinos are legit, as some have been blacklisted because of their shady services.

Choosing the right betting platform to bet on sports and casinos will grant you an opportunity to have fun and win lots of money. Here are the top casino and sports betting sites online.

How is an online casino better than a land casino?

Here are some reasons why using online casinos and sports betting sites are better than land-based casinos

Cash bonuses

Gamblers who stake in casino games have better chances to get cash bonuses on online platforms than at land casinos. Online betting sites offer 100–300% on all rewards for new customers.


When betting on land-based games, there are certain restrictions for players depending on what the bookie wants. But, for an online casino, you can gamble without any hindrance on all games on the platform.

Convenience and comfort

You can get on online sports bookies anywhere you are without problems. However, you will have to walk to a physical casino to stake using land-based bookies. Moreover, there are certain regulations in India and Canada where you can bet at physical casinos, however, no such thing exists while staking on online sites.

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How the the quality of online casino and sports betting sites rated?

When choosing a reliable casino, it is based on certain factors which include:

Payment methods and payout speed

When choosing an excellent online casino, you should check the payment options offered by the bookie. Here are some payment options offered by top betting sites

  • bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • transfer
  • visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill

These payment options are deemed safe and secure. Also, don’t forget to check how fast the online bookie can pay out winning. Payout shouldn’t be more than a few minutes from when the withdrawal is made.

Online casino bonuses and promotions

A reputable online casino should be able to provide good bonuses for both their old and new players. This is important to encourage them to stake more and keep betting with the platform. Bonuses offered should include welcome bonuses, no deposit, free spins and cash-back rewards. If you don’t get your money quickly, you are covered by the different regulation board that manages them.

Online Casino customer support

Customer support is very important when dealing with online sports betting sites. A good casino should have polite customer support that can help when a player has questions to ask. This support should be available 24/7 on all social media channels.

Top online casino and sports betting sites

The best online casino sites are the following:

Betway casino

Betway is an internationally renowned bookie that offers a variety of sports and casino games to its customers, and is currently one of the best betting sites in Nigeria. You can bet on football, basketball, volleyball, darts and other sports. They have a gambling license which includes an ancillary, remote and non-remote license.

Moreover, they also provide good games like poker, online roulette, live dealer games and keno. Their slots game Re from reputable software companies like Playtech and NetEnt. You can win bonuses of as much as 200% when you register a new account.

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Casumo casino is a Canadian-based bookmaker that offers a variety of games to everyone. They have a good website and their user interface is great with nice designs. They have games for residents of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and other Canadian cities. Casumo offers players about 100% on all new customers. They are a good choice for gamblers who want a bit of entertainment and education.


Another excellent gambling platform where you can stake on casinos and sports is 1xbet. This is one of the best platforms around where you are guaranteed secure payment and easy transactions. Their games are many and they gave around 20 live dealer games, 450 sports games and other options.

They accept foreign players and payment is done via credit card, PayPal or transfer. When you have winnings, you can withdraw directly into your account in 10 minutes. If you have any questions you can talk to their customer service team on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


The 22bet gambling platform is a reliable bookie based in Canada. They are known to offer great games and huge bonuses. 22bet accepts international gamblers and you can register within two minutes.

Their services aren’t affected by the regulations of your country because they operate overseas and are not bound by any laws. The 22bet platform doesn’t accept any commissions on winnings, and you are credited the full amount you won.

888 Sport

888 sport is a popular online sports betting which offers gambling services to its customers. Although based in Canada, they offer various games to international gamblers. Their website is well-designed, they have a mobile app and payment options Re safe. You can play various versions of online roulette and pokers on their platform.

Gamblers should register with reliable online casinos and sports bookies to have a good chance of winning. These gambling platforms have entertaining games, good UX design and credible customer support.

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