OnePlus, double shame: receives disappointment of the year award and accepts it from an iPhone

Marques Brownlee, or MKBHD, the famous tech YouTuber, started a “trend” a few years ago called “Twitter Police” after he noticed that actress Gal Gadot had posted an ad promoting Huawei phones using an iPhone. In the years since, many other smartphone manufacturers have been “caught” using iPhones on Twitter on their official accounts, and now OnePlus joins that group.

Even OnePlus employees don’t use the company’s phones

Recently, MKBHD published its year-end awards on its channel, where it named the best smartphones in multiple categories, in its opinion. OnePlus also received such an award, but not one of excellence, but one of disappointment. MKBHD says the OnePlus 10T was one of the disappointing phones of the year, and has created a physical award, which it has promised to send to the company.

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While we at Go4it don’t necessarily agree with his choice, as the OnePlus 10T seems more like a throwback to the idea of the flagship killer than a competitor to the iPhone or Samsung, we can’t help but see the irony in what followed.

OnePlus tweeted back to MKBHD that despite the phone being considered a disappointment, the company wants the physical prize the YouTuber created for it and promised to do a better job in 2023. Marques replied that he would send a private message to the company for full details to take possession of the prize, but he did notice something else. The OnePlus company had posted the message on an iPhone.

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Thus, OnePlus loses twice. Once because one of the biggest voices in tech thinks their phone is weak, and again because even the company’s representatives don’t think the phones they make are that good for service purposes to post messages on social media.

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