Crypto-mining in US used more power than every computer combined –

A recently released chart shows that crypto-mining not only used more power than all the computers in the U.S., but that if we are to believe the upper limit of power consumption that cryptocurrency mining could have achieved, it may even have used more than all the lights in the U.S.

These are staggering numbers, but at 50 billion kWh, cryptomining in the U.S. used almost more power than all televisions, and that’s just at the lower estimate of how much power it used.

This seems even more ridiculous when you consider that it’s not even global crypto-mining we’re talking about here, just the mining taking place in the US. After proving themselves incredibly unsustainable and mostly unprofitable thanks to punitive taxes, hopefully we can soon see this figure start to drop a bit.

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Check out the full chart below, and thanks to PC Gamer for reporting on this:

Crypto-mining in U.S. used more power than every computer combined

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