Oil tanker explodes off Nigerian coast

MADRID, Feb. 3 (Royals Blue) –

The company Shebah Exploration and Production Company (SEPCOL) has confirmed this Wednesday the explosion of an oil production vessel off the coast of Nigeria, without any fatalities or injuries due to the incident having been identified so far.

The general director of SEPCOL, Ikemefuna Okafor, has detailed that the explosion has occurred in an oil tanker called Trinity Spirit, located at the Ukpokiti terminal, while specifying that the causes “are already being investigated.”

“At this time there is no record of victims, but we can confirm that there were ten crew members on the tanker before the incident,” said Okafor, who stressed that the company “prioritizes investigations with respect to the safety” of the people on board. , according to the Nigerian newspaper ‘Premium Times’.

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Okafor has also assured that the company has already notified the authorities of what happened and the company has asked citizens to move away from the area. Likewise, it has guaranteed that it will provide information about the event when the investigation progresses.

For its part, the Nigerian Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NUPRC) has begun another investigation, as confirmed by its spokesman, Paul Osu, who has also insisted that, at the moment, the existence of victims or injured as a result of the incident.

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