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YouTube will have a dedicated button for listening to songs on YouTube Music


Starting with the idea that many YouTube users use the platform to discover the songs and videos of their favorite artists, Google adds a dedicated button to listen to them on YouTube Music.

Although it seems like a marketing ploy supporting the recruitment of new users for the music listening service, in reality it is not. Being a completely open video sharing platform, no one can guarantee that a song uploaded to YouTube offers the best possible audience. Instead, the same song is uploaded to the YouTube Music alternative following a slightly better controlled process, meant on the one hand to ensure that listening to that song is paid in the direction of that artist, but also that the audition offered is really at a level adequate audio fidelity. Bonus, if the song also has a video, then you will be able to watch it in its official form, at optimal clarity and without labels or logos added on the screen.

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Making it even easier to interact with the music service, the option already included in the Settings menu, under the name “Listen with YouTube Music”, is about to become the default choice. Basically, once you’ve checked this setting, any song or video you choose to listen to will be automatically accessed through the YouTube Music platform.

Although ideal for you in terms of listening experience, redirecting to YouTube Music may make certain YouTube channels dedicated to videos or dedicated to a particular artist redundant, since accessing each clip is redirected to the music platform supported by Google .

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