North Korea defends its missile launches as response to U.S. “military threats”

North Korea has defended its missile launches into the Sea of Japan as a planned self-defense measure in response to military threats to the country’s security by the United States.

“North Korea’s missile test launches are a regular and planned self-defense measure to defend the country’s security and regional peace from the U.S. direct military threats, which have lasted for more than half a century,” a spokesman for the Asian country’s National Aviation Administration (NAA) has assured, as reported by KCNA.

The multiple missile launches carried out by Pyongyang in recent weeks were allegedly carried out with the safety of civilian aircraft on international flights in mind.

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For this reason, according to North Korea, the launches have posed “no threat or harm to the safety not only of civil aviation, but also of neighboring countries and the region.”

“North Korea’s NKNA categorically condemns and rejects this as a political provocation by the U.S. and its vassal forces aimed at infringing on the country’s sovereignty,” the North Korean Air Force spokesman has said, according to the aforementioned agency.

“The attempt by the U.S. and its vassal forces to prevent North Korea from exercising its right to self-defense is a flagrant violation of national rights that goes against the U.N. Charter,” he has assured.

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Pyongyang has warned that it will not only “never forgive” the moves by Washington and other “hostile forces” to allegedly isolate and stifle North Korea within the UN, but will take increasingly “tougher measures against them.”

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