Nissan has unveiled its take on the “future of premium mobility” -.

If you have been eagerly following the trend of electric vehicles and wondering how this will affect the minivan space, Nissan has now looked to explore exactly this. The automaker has revealed what it calls the “future of premium mobility” calls, with this is an all-electric minivan concept known as the Hyper Tourer.

The minivan will be on display at the Japan Mobility Show starting next week, and as for what the car will offer, it will have a spacious interior with a flat LED panel in the floor, on top of a fully autonomous driving system and front seats that can rotate 360 degrees. There is also said to be an AI system in the car that monitors biometric signs including brain waves, heart rate, breathing and perspiration to automatically select music and lighting to match your mood.

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Nissan has said it sees the Hyper Tourer as the way to reimagine what we expect from a road trip by providing “the comfort of a luxury living room with the convenience of a passenger van”.

All this comes shortly after Nissan last week lifted the curtain on its Hyper Adventure SUV concept, which also aims to redefine part of the EV car market.

Nissan has unveiled its take on the "future of premium mobility"

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