Nicaragua allows for the first time the visit of children of two imprisoned opposition leaders

The Nicaraguan government of Daniel Ortega has allowed this Saturday the children of opposition members Tamara Dávila and Miguel Mora to visit them for the first time since their detention 14 months ago.

Both Dávila and Mora began a hunger strike so that the Nicaraguan authorities would allow their children to visit them. On Saturday they were allowed access to the prison of the Directorate of Judicial Aid, ‘El Chipote’, some 60 kilometers from Managua, the country’s capital.

The journalist and opposition presidential pre-candidate, Miguel Mora Barberena, who has been in prison since June 2021, completed this Saturday 59 days on hunger strike to demand that the regime allow him to see his 21-year-old son.

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Mora’s wife, journalist Veronica Chavez, confirmed that the visit took place on Saturday morning and considered it as “a gift from God” because it was the jailed man’s birthday, she told ‘Artículo 66’.

Chávez expressed the reunion with emotion: “I cannot describe with words the reunion between Miguelito and his father”. Furthermore, she has informed that this Sunday she will fast “in thanksgiving” because she was allowed her right to visits.

On the other hand, Tamara Dávila started a hunger strike “as a last resort” on August 15, after the efforts made by the family to let her see her six-year-old daughter were unsuccessful.

“I am happy to finally see my daughter, this should have happened from day one as is our right. One visit is not enough. I demand that regular visits and calls from all minor and disabled sons and daughters to their mothers and fathers who are political prisoners, including those who are outside the country, be allowed immediately,” Dávila said in statements shared by her family after the meeting.

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Dávila’s family has explained that they continue to demand immediate permission for visits with their children, as well as regular visits every 15 days and weekly phone calls with family members, as established by Nicaraguan law.

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