Niantic’s Pokémon GO Fest events contributed nearly £205 million (€235 million) to the local economy in August – That’s Gaming

As you may know, the Pokémon GO Fest event series took place last August on three continents, including Europe. The fan-filled events in London, Osaka and New York were attended by 194,000 people and together contributed £205 million (€235 million) to local economies, including £61 million (€70 million) in tax revenue.

Pokémon GO Fest London, held at Brockwell Park in July, had an economic impact of £46 million (€52.8 million), generating £22 million (€25.2 million) in tax revenue. During the event, more than 50,000 people traveled to the main venue, where 34 million Pokémon were caught, and played throughout the city. Most (62%) visitors came from outside Britain to participate in the event, which contributed even more to the local economy.

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By comparison, the 2023 UEFA Champions League final was expected to bring an economic boost of about £65 million (€75 million) to the host city of Istanbul, and hosting this year’s Eurovision Song Contest final gave Liverpool’s regional economy a boost of £54.8. million (€62.8 million).

London economic impact statistics

  • £19.5 million (€22.4 million) generated by direct visitor spending on accommodation, food and drink etc. and Niantic’s operating costs
  • £18.5 million (€21.2 million) indirect spending equal to impact on suppliers for businesses directly impacted by the event
  • Each visitor spent an average of £430 (€494)
  • 49% of visitors would visit London again in the next 12 months
  • Tracy Halliwell, director of tourism, conventions and major events at London & Partners, said:
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“The openness and curiosity of Londoners made Pokémon GO Fest a big hit in our city. London’s diverse community, large choice of venues and excellent transportation make it a perfect place for events to flourish. We are excited about future Pokémon GO Fests and are committed to working with partners like Niantic to bring more fun events to London.”

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