Brewpub Simulator now available on Steam – That’s Gaming

Independent development studio Star Drifters is releasing Brewpub Simulator, a own-your-bar sim, on Steam today.

Brewpub Simulator lets you brew your own beer, with the ability to follow recipes or experiment with unique creations. Customize your brewpub with new furniture, wall decorations and party games while maintaining cleanliness, striving for high star ratings and building a strong reputation on social media.

Engage in fun mini-games, including arcade machines, darts and pool, and challenge yourself with daily tasks to maximize profits. Transform a run-down brewery into a stylish establishment serving the best beer in town to establish your reputation and master the art of brewing.

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Meet the challenge of precision and experience required to create the perfect beer and design your own beer brands with creative labels, while keeping your kegs full and your brewpub empire constantly growing.

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