NFT owners can brag about it on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously

With the decline of the cryptocurrency market just a few months ago, trading of NFTs almost completely froze. But that’s not stopping the Meta company from continuing to offer dedicated features for these digital assets. Previously, Instagram allowed the posting of articles that included NFTs, and now users can also post these “unique” images to Facebook simultaneously. It remains to be seen how many NFT owners want to brag about their purchases on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media.

Meta now allows the posting of NFTs on its social networks, Facebook and Instagram

According to the official announcement, Instagram and Facebook now offer support for connecting multiple virtual wallets. On the list are Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet and Dapper Wallet, which allow publishing digital assets in NFT format issued on the blockchain networks Ethereum, Polygon and Flow. This means that those holding NFTs on Solana or other networks, such as the Romanian Elrond, will not be able to publish them on Facebook or Instagram.

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“We are continuing the rollout of digital collectibles on Facebook and Instagram and have started offering users the ability to publish digital collectibles they own on both networks. This will allow those who connect their digital wallets to share them with friends on both networks simultaneously.”, Meta representatives announced.

At the moment, NFTs are only marked with a badge explaining that it is a “digital asset” and not a regular picture. However, Meta is reportedly working on presenting these posts with custom animations and the ability to have entire collections that you can show at once in posts.

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Meta isn’t the only company in the social media space investing effort in this direction, however. Twitter has been allowing NFTs to be set as profile pictures since last year, with these profiles framed in a different shaped border than the mundane circle of the past. Even Reddit allows similar capabilities.

In contrast, Meta also has ambitions in the area of NFTs commercialization, particularly in the context of its metavers project, wanting to even create a marketplace where these digital goods can be sold and bought by users of its platforms.

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