NFT FIFA+ Collect arrives on Polygon and OpenSea

As part of the FIFA Club World Cup at Saudi Arabiathe FIFA will distribute 1000 NFT. The First 100 tokens will be used to earn from places for the final of the competition.

The club world cup of the FIFA takes place from December 12 to 22, 2023 in Saudi Arabia. The competition brings together the champion clubs of the six continental soccer confederations and the host country.

As part of the tournament, the international soccer federation has signed a partnership agreement with the technology company Modex. The FIFA Club World Cup is an opportunity for the two partners to issue tokens to be collected on OpenSea via the blockchain network. Polygon.

FIFA+ Collect adopts Polygon

Named FIFA+ Collectthe program will distribute 1000 NFT. A first drop on December 15 will distribute 100 Algorand collectibles. Presented as the rarest in the series, they will be used to win tickets for the tournament finals.

A new drop will take place on December 19. This time, it will concern 900 NFTs issued on Polygon and accessible via the marketplace. OpenSea. These tokens will represent “memorable moments from the tournament, as well as digital versions of memorabilia”, says FIFA.

FIFA+ Collect is not a first for the soccer federation. The organization converted to NFT in 2022 for the World Cup in Qatar. Since then, however, the system has evolved. Last year, FIFA relied on a marketplace on the Algorand blockchain.

A successful NFT platform for FIFA

The roles have therefore been redistributed, and FIFA+ Collect now associates Polygon and OpenSea, one of the leaders in non-fungible tokens on Ethereum – the former leader has since been largely outdistanced by its competitor Blur.

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For end-users and collectors, however, these changes in the underlying technology are transparent. And for FIFA’s Chief Business Officer, Romy Gai, the only thing that matters is the interests of football fans.

Since its launch, the platform has been a huge success all over the world, and fans in every country now have the opportunity to own a piece of soccer history,” he claims.

Web3 to improve engagement

NFT’s upcoming December drops, to be followed by other launches according to the release, represent for Romy Gai “a unique and innovative way to connect with sport, while contributing to the growth of the digital collectibles market”.

The Federation is betting on the success of these digital assets to develop new sources of revenue and modes of interaction with spectators at its competitions.

The collaboration between Modex and FIFA will demonstrate the benefits that Web3 technology can bring in terms of strengthening engagement and multiplying modes of fan participation,” emphasize the two partners.

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