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During Game Awards 2023, SQUARE ENIX revealed a new trailer that showed two paid DLC chapters for the highly acclaimed action-RPG, FINAL FANTASY XVI, on the PlayStation 5. The first DLC, titled “Echoes of the Fallen,” is now available on the PlayStation Store. The second DLC, titled “The Rising Tide,” will be released in spring 2024. Players can also purchase the FINAL FANTASY XVI Purchase Expansion Pass, it gives access to both chapters for a lower price.

“Echoes of the Fallen” provides access to a new story, new battles, new weapons, a higher level cap and more. The adventure begins before the last battle from the main game, when strange, dark crystals appear on the black market. Players join Clive and his friends to investigate, encountering a group of suspicious traders, who lead them to a long-abandoned tower known as the Sagespire, and the gruesome secrets that lurk within it.

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For the purchase of “Echoes of the Fallen” or the Expansion Pass, players will receive special bonus items, including the Buster Sword, allowing Clive to take this iconic weapon from Cloud Strife from FINAL FANTASY VII can carry, and the “Away (1987)” Orchestrion Roll that allows players to make a chiptune version of the song “Away” sound like background music in the hideaway.

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