Neymar loses €1 million streaming online casino game on Twitch

📑 TopicNeymar in tears after the loss of a million euros in online casino
🗺️ LocationBrazil
🎉 EventOnline game session organized by Neymar and sponsor
🎁 DateMarch 28th
Place of broadcastTwitch
Recovering from an ankle injury, Neymar found time to indulge his passion for online gambling. During a live broadcast on Twitch, the Brazilian striker of Paris Saint-Germain lost no less than one million euros at the casino.

A starting bet of one million euros quickly evaporated

On Tuesday, March 28, Neymar held an online casino night on the streaming platform Twitch. Since his injury during the game against Lille, these live sessions have become almost routine for the player. For this special evening, he had bet big: a million euros starting bet.

Unfortunately for him, luck was not on his side, and he quickly lost everything at the roulette. Visibly amused and not destabilized by this defeat, the Brazilian even pretended to cry in front of his screen, to a reprise of the music from Titanic.

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Was it Real or sponsored money?

The question now is whether Neymar really played with his own money or whether it was a sum made available by a sponsor, such as the operator Blaze, whose muse he is.

As a reminder, according to the ranking of the highest salaries in Ligue 1 revealed by L’Équipe, Neymar is currently the best paid player in the competition with an estimated monthly salary of 3.06 million euros gross.

His passion for real money gambling


Neymar is known for his love of gambling and especially poker. He regularly participates in tournaments of this discipline that he has been playing for several years. In addition to the online casino, the Brazilian also spends some of his free time playing live poker.

  • Poker: a passion shared with Cristiano Ronaldo and Gerard Piqué, who are also great fans of this card game.
  • Prestigious tournaments: Neymar has already participated in events such as the EPT (European Poker Tour) and the WSOP (World Series of Poker).
  • Concentration and strategy: Just like on the soccer field, the Brazilian player uses concentration and reflection to develop winning strategies.
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Neymar’s Remarkable performances in poker

Neymar’s talents are not limited to soccer. The player has already proven time and again that he can handle cards as well as the ball. Among his most notable results are:

6th place in a BSOP (Brazilian Series of Poker) High Roller in 2018 for a win of 79,440 reais (about 17,000 euros).
27th place in an EPT Barcelona tournament in 2015, pocketing the sum of 56,680 euros.
1st place in a charity tournament organized by PokerStars in 2018, donating his win to the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr.

Neymar’s return to the field expected for the following season

Operated on his ankle last February, Neymar is not expected to be seen on a soccer field again until next season. Paris Saint-Germain must therefore do without its star midfielder for a few more months. However, this period of forced inactivity allows the player to recover from his injuries and enjoy his free time to indulge his other passions, such as online gambling or poker.

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