New wave of covid? The warning of the College of Physicians of Valencia to the government

The College of Physicians of Valencia has sent a letter to the ‘conseller’ of Health and the general director of Health Care of the region to inform about the concern that is being created in primary care by the increase of cases of influenza y coronavirus. In the communiqué, the agency warns of the arrival of a. new wave of coronaviruses and the need for a rapid diagnostic test for influenza and covid.

The college warns about the complication that physicians can have by not being able to distinguish the two viruses if a specific diagnosis is not made. For this reason, they emphasize the importance of individuals having access to the self-diagnostic test to prevent recurrence of the collapse from health system. Finally, the communiqué remarked that the pandemic “has not yet ended” and that “what seems even less understandable, both from the deontological and scientific point of view, is to deprive of the ability to make a correct diagnosis having technical possibilities and at low cost to do so”.

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As far as the figures for contagionsthe virus rose in the community slightly in individuals over the age of 60 years. To the list of deceased were added 206 new cases last Friday. In Spain there are currently 2,716 hospitalized patients and 129 people who remain in the ICUs because of the virus.

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