Samsung could ship Galaxy A54 with a bigger battery than the current model

The successor to the already released A53, the Galaxy A54 is expected early next year exclusively in a 5G version, powered by the Exynos 1380 chipset developed by Samsung for use with mid-range phones.

Developed under the codename SM-A546B, the Galaxy A54 is unlikely to be released before early 2023, with Samsung still banking on still-good sales with the current model. The new smartphone will also have a slightly more affordable alternative, with the Galaxy A34 identified by the model name SM-A346B.

Returning to the Exynos 1380 chipset, the replacement for the Exynos 1280 could benefit from an improved manufacturing process, allowing for increased operating frequencies and a noticeable increase in performance. Although helped with a well-optimised firmware, the Galaxy A53 isn’t exactly the most spirited when it comes to heavy usage, with the chipset’s limitations highlighted especially on the multitasking side.

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It’s unclear if the new Exynos chipset is more power-hungry, or perhaps Samsung is just taking advantage of some innovations that increase battery density without compromising on weight or physical size, but the latest Galaxy A54 rumors list the capacity at 5100 mAh, 100mAh more than the current model. With the new model arriving a year away, the rather minuscule increase in battery capacity only further exposes the limitations of Li-ion technology.

While the Galaxy A54 will be recommended by its competitive price/performance ratio, Galaxy A series fans will also have the Galaxy A74 at the higher end, and the Galaxy A14 and Galaxy A24 as low-cost options. Unfortunately, barring the possible retention of separate 4G and 5G versions, their specifications are unknown, with rumours so far more likely to be aimed at the top-end Galaxy S23 model.

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