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New on Netflix in March: Ryan Reynolds returns to the small screen in an atypical movie


March sounds good for Netflix, but also for the subscribers of the most important online streaming channel in the world. Here are the most important productions that will be released soon, here.

Netflix has announced what movies, series, documentaries, and stand-up shows will appear on the platform this month. As we announced a short time ago, Ryan Reynolds will return, in a new film, atypical of the roles in which we have seen him so far. The actor will star in a slightly nostalgic sci-fi movie called “The Adam Project”, which will be released on March 11th.

What other movies and series will we be able to see on Netflix in March

“The Adam Project” is not, as you might expect, the only movie that will make its Netflix debut soon.

Here’s something else we’ll be able to see in March

TV series:

  • “Agains the Ice” (March 2);
  • “Bridgerton” – second season (March 25);
  • The Guardians of Justice (March 1);
  • “Midnight at the Pera Palace” (March 3);
  • “The Persian Agency: Exclusive Properties” (March 3);
  • “Pieces of Her” (March 4);
  • “An Astroloical Guide for Broken Hearts” – second season (March 8);
  • Queer Eye Germany (March 9);
  • “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” – ​​fourth season (March 11);
  • Life After Death with Tyler Henry (March 11);
  • “Soil” (March 17);
  • Cracow Monsters (March 18);
  • “Eternally Confused and Eager for Love” (March 18);
  • “Human Resources” – continuation of the animated series “Big Mouth” (March 18);
  • “Light the Night” – Part Three “(March 18);
  • Standing Up (March 18);
  • “Twenty Five Twenty One” (March 19);
  • Forecasting Love and Weather (March 20);
  • Thirty-Nine (March 24);
  • “Business Proposal” (March 28).
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  • “The Weekend Away” (March 3);
  • “Meskina” (March 4);
  • The Invisible Thread (March 4);
  • “Autumn Girl (March 8);
  • “The Bombardment” (March 9);
  • Marilyn’s Eyes (March 15);
  • “Rescued by Ruby” (March 17);
  • “Black Crab” (March 18);
  • “Windwall” (March 18);
  • “Love Like the Falling Perals” (March 24).


  • “Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You” (March 8);
  • “Catherine Cohen: The Twist”? She’s Gorgeous ”(March 15);
  • Jeff Forxworthy: The Good Old Days (March 22);


  • Worst Roomate Ever (March 1);
  • “Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale” (March 3);
  • The Andy Warhol Diaries (March 9);
  • “Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives ”(March 16);
  • “Animal” – second season (March 18);
  • “The Principles of Pleasure” (March 22);
  • “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King” (March 30);
  • “800 meters” (coming soon).
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