New LG gram laptops start with the thickness of a mobile phone and promise uncompromising performance

LG Electronics unveiled at CES 2023 the new LG gram laptop offering, comprising the Ultraslim and gram Style series.

LG gram Ultraslim 2023

The LG gram Ultraslim (model 15Z90RT) is the slimmest gram model yet, designed for users who want maximum portability. The handheld weighs 998 grams and is 10.99 millimetres deep (with the screen closed), rivaling the thickness of a smartphone. The result is achieved by using an OLED display and the latest Intel Raptor Lake 13th Gen processing platform. To maximise portability, the package also includes a power adapter similar to those offered for mobile phones.

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LG gram Style 2023

With more emphasis on practicality and aesthetics, the 16 and 14 inch gram Style series (model 16Z90RS and 14Z90RS) are aimed at users who value elegance. Both gram Style variants have an attractive glass design with a translucent finish that makes colours change and glow depending on light and angle. The new devices also have a “hidden” haptic touchpad, highlighted with LEDs only when in use.

The Gram Style configuration is powered by 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake P-Core processors, NVMe Gen4 SSD and 16:10 Anti-Glare Low Reflection OLED display with a high refresh rate. Both models offer Dolby Atmos sound (a new feature for the LG gram series), Thunderbolt 4 and HDMI connectivity.

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LG gram (17, 16, 15 and 14-inch)

In addition to the Ultraslim and Style series, we also have the entry-level version of the series, with 17-, 16-, 15- and 14-inch models designed to deliver a good balance of elegance, performance and affordability.

The models in question, 17Z90R, 16Z90R, 15Z90R and14Z90R, come in 14-, 15-, 16- and 17-inch display diagonals. The 16- and 17-inch models also include more “extravagant” features such as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 4GB video card, all in a package weighing in at just 1.45kg. The configuration built around 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake P-Core processors promises up to 20 hours of battery life.

Unveiled at the CES 2023 show, the new LG gram 2023 laptops are slated for global release starting next month, reaching South Korean buyers first and then Western markets.

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