Physical Boxed Edition of Starsand out on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch – That’s Gaming

International publisher Funbox Media has announced that the physical boxed edition of Starsand will be available across Europe for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Starsand, developed by Tunnel Vision Studio, is a thrilling mystical survival game set among the dunes of a mysterious desert. Explore an open world full of danger, vast environments and mysterious events. Explore, hunt, craft and build, but above all: OVERLIVE!

Your day began as planned. Motivated and full of ambition, you began the run of your life, in the middle of the desert, surrounded by like-minded people. The months of hard training should finally pay off. Suddenly you find yourself in a monstrous sandstorm and now you are alone in an inhospitable, hot environment. Abandoned and relentless, an ocean of sand stretches to the horizon.

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You feel the scorching heat on your skin, the sand blowing right into your face, wide and wide alone vast desert … but wait, what’s that? Something is moving in the distance. What is happening here?

Your first thoughts scream for survival as the bitter realization that no one is coming and you are alone begins to creep in. But the burning questions in your mind are: where are you and, more importantly, why are there two moons in the night sky?

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