New beauty filter looks so real, rows and rows of tiktokers can’t believe their eyes, but there are harsh criticisms

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

A new beauty filter on TikTok called Bold Glamour could make elaborate make-up or careful styling generally obsolete. Because the Filter provides a realistic looking, even, flawless face – which not only triggers enthusiasm, but above all uncertainty.

The influencer zhangsta, who in addition to her work as a photo model also offers educational content, demonstrates in a compact article what the filter looks like in the application.

The user richiechu comments on the effect the filter has on him below the video:

“As someone who doesn’t follow you, I have NO IDEA what your real face looks like!”

How does it work?

Luke Hurd, an augmented reality consultant working on social media filters, explains how Bold Glamour functions.

According to Hurd, traditional beauty filters use one augmentiertes 3D Face Mesh, which is placed over the person’s face. Filters like Bold Glamor, on the other hand, use machine learning, more precisely they use so-called GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks). Every pixel on the face is newly created. A data set filled with photographs is used as a reference.

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In his Twitter video, Hurd explains in detail how GANs work.

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Why the uncertainty?

However, not all users are consistently enthusiastic. Some comment on the filter as unrealistic or unnatural – some find the filter ugly due to the supposed idealization of their own appearance.

Changed along with applied make-up Bold Glamour also the bone structure, smoothens the skin, plucks the eyebrows, curls and enlarges the lips – so approaches one contemporary standard of beauty an.

The criticism is by no means far-fetched that this idealized look triggers insecurities – especially among young people whose self-esteem is typically on shaky ground.

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A comment by the beauty influencer Lindsay Borow makes it clear how drastic the filter rubs off on people’s self-perception. On the one hand, Borow admits how the filter is incredibly real compared to other filters look. On the other hand, Borow reports that she has herself never uglier felt like after removing the filter – and looking back at her real face.

Borow goes on to say:

“No matter what makeup I put on to mimic the look of the filter, despite the makeup, the filter improved my look a little bit.”

According to NBC News, the Bold Glamour already used millions of times. Do you agree with science, which sees yet another unrealistic standard of beauty on the rise – especially for women? Do you know people in your circle of friends who have undergone an operation in order to submit to a beauty ideal – or have you even had an operation yourself? Discuss it in the comments!

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