Netflix introduces Profile Transfer. Allows each profile to independently create a new account with a separate subscription

Netflix has been announcing for some time that it wants to offer users the ability to transfer their profiles from one account to another. This move is intended to turn more of the users who use other people’s accounts into paying users with their own accounts, and this is the first step that seems to foreshadow the “account sharing” freeze. Basically, Netflix is giving users the ability to keep their activity, likes and recommendations on another account.

Netflix’s Profile Transfer saves all users’ personal data to be moved to another account

The Profile Transfer feature is presented as an opportunity to keep your personal data, even if the account holder changes the password and you no longer have access to Netflix. Basically, you can keep your saved profile even if it is deleted from the “paying” account.

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The official description, by Timi Kosztin, product manager at Netflix also suggests that they want to give users more options as changes can occur in their lives:

“People are moving. Families are growing. Relationships end. But through these changes in life, your Netflix experience should stay the same. No matter what happens, let your Netflix account become a constant in a life full of change, so you can relax and continue watching right where you left off last time.”

This new profile transfer feature is coming to all Netflix users worldwide. Previously, the company introduced account sharing limitation options in a few countries. In a few regions, the company is allowing other members to be added to their personal account for a fee, while in others it is testing the option to pay extra for multiple “homes” regardless of the number of profiles on the account.

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Recently, the company also announced a new type of subscription, which is supported in part by ads shown before movies and shows. However, it is limited to lower resolution and does not allow you to watch all the films on the platform.

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