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Good news for fans of LEGO® 2K Drive: 2K and the LEGO Group have announced that the third Drive Pass season will launch on December 13. Season 3 promises a wealth of new content and ways to play, allowing friends and family to have fun together.

What’s new in Season 3?

  1. New Rewards: Season 3 of Drive Pass is packed with free and premium rewards. Players can earn unique vehicles, such as a car shaped like a piece of cheese and a rugged truck that wouldn’t look out of place in a post-apocalyptic world.
  2. Speed up your Progress with Time-Bound Tasks: New Time-bound Tasks allow players to earn rewards faster. Daily and weekly objectives offer additional Brickbux and Drive Pass XP.
  3. New Custom Rules Mode: This mode, available in multiplayer with friends, lets players customize the rules as they see fit. Also, you can now drive certain tracks in reverse, adding a new twist to racing.
  4. Accessible Unique Customizations.: The new Part Locator tool in the Garage allows players to search for specific LEGO bricks by ID number, making vehicle customization even more fun.
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For those who opt for Season 3’s Premium Drive Pass, there is the opportunity to earn a total of 84 premium rewards, including 9 vehicles, 25 Brick Packs, 10 drivers, and more. Players who start with the free version of Season 3 and later upgrade to the Premium version will immediately receive all the Premium rewards they have earned up to that point.

Additionally, the seasons in LEGO 2K Drive are not time-bound, meaning players can progress through each season at their own pace. This makes LEGO 2K Drive an ideal game for players of all levels who want to experience all of the game’s content.

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