Netflix will have a cheaper subscription with ads. What are the limitations

Users’ hopes that they’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of Netflix at a reduced price, just by accepting the display of ads at certain times, are definitely dashed.

Presumably out of a desire not to make the new pricing plan too popular a choice, eroding the service’s status as a premium content service, Netflix administrators have decided that the low-cost, ad-supported experience will come with other rather stinging compromises that will motivate users to choose standard subscriptions.

Thus, those who choose ad-sponsored Netflix subscriptions will have to make do without the download option, useful for saving movies for offline viewing when traveling where internet access is poor. So if you opt for such a subscription you’ll need to make sure that the WiFi access in your hotel room not only works, but also provides the bandwidth needed for streaming video at high resolution.

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The streaming giant, which for years has avoided using advertising as a way to offset subscription costs, plans to introduce this subscription option by early next year.

The clue was discovered right in the code of the Netflix app for iOS: “Downloads available on all plans except Netflix with ads,” targeting a still-dormant portion of the app. Another key detail concerns how these ads will be delivered, with users not having the Skip option. In other words, the ads will have to be watched in full, just like traditional TV. At the same time, playback buttons will be hidden during the commercials.

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Netflix declined to comment on the information presented. But given that the launch of the service will be delayed by several months, the current approach may not yet be final.

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