Godzilla is back: what we know about the new production and where we can see it

Legendary Pictures has been trying to reinvent the notion of MonsterVerse for some time now. After the return of the famous characters, Godzilla and King Kong, in cinemas, in 2014, the subtle Kaiju now to the small screens, in a series that can be seen soon.

Although we don’t know what the new production will be called, what we already know is that it will be available on Apple TV +.

Wanting to expand the narrative of Godzilla’s story, the enlightened mind behind the concept wanted to give birth to a now TV show in which the protagonists could be several of the giant monsters we already know. Moreover, according to what we know so far, the action will focus on a secret organization called Monarch.

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If you haven’t kept up with MonsterVerse, Monarch has already been featured in a series of recent films, “Godzilla and King Kong,” from 2014. This is a multinational organization that oversees MUTO (terrestrial organisms) research. massive and unidentified).

Godzilla could be back: it remains to be seen when and how

Although neither Apple nor Legendary have yet provided a distribution list or release date for its upcoming Godzilla series, the film could be directed by Chris Black (known for “Outcast” and “Star Trek: Enterprise”) and Matt Fraction (also known for the 2012 “Hawkeye” comic book script).

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It’s unclear at this time how the new Apple TV + series will be able to bridge the gap with existing MonsterVerse movies – especially “Godzilla Vs. Kong ”, in which we could see the big green dinosaur teaming up with King Kong, to be able to face the enemies.

Despite the fact that “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”, from 2019, is considered a big disappointment, due to the poor sales, “Godzilla vs. Kong ”managed, however, to climb in the top 10 places, in 2021, when we talk about the box office.

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