Netflix Preview Club allows more users to watch movies and series ahead of release date

Netflix has announced that it is expanding the Preview Club program to more of its subscribers. Those who are selected will get early access to movies and series the company is preparing for release. This will allow the company to hear directly from its users about what they think of the type of content it produces, in order to improve future productions.

Netflix wants more subscribers to “test drive” its productions before the official launch

Netflix Preview Club is a program that has been operating since last year, but is only now being expanded. Previously, only 2,000 subscribers worldwide were given access to Netflix productions before the official launch. This sample is too small to extract relevant feedback that could improve content in the future, or even make pre-release changes to existing productions.

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The company is now giving more users access to the Preview Club, and they will be notified by email. Those who receive access to new films and series will then be able to answer a few questions about them, such as what they liked and didn’t like, what could improve those films and series, or whether they would recommend the productions to friends or family.

But this practice is not new. Other streaming services such as Amazon and Hulu offer similar programs, while companies of all kinds use so-called “focus groups” to test products of all kinds before they are released or even officially announced. In fact, this practice is also common in video games, where companies organise beta testing sessions before the official launch of some titles based mainly on multiplayer.

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