Netflix gets rid of the “Apple tax”. You can now sign up for a new account from the iOS app

Streaming apps have dodged the “Apple tax” in recent years by removing the ability to subscribe to their services through Apple systems. This meant that if you were a new Netflix or Spotify customer, you couldn’t sign up for a new account in the app, as it was reserved exclusively for those who already had accounts. With the new App Store rules now allowing user guidance outside of the Apple ecosystem, Netflix is finally implementing the ability to sign up accounts in the app by submitting them on the official website.

Apple allows Netflix to send users to its website to sign up new accounts

Those who install Neflix and don’t have accounts now have the ability to sign up for a new account directly in the app. Of course, because Netflix doesn’t offer the ability to subscribe via the App Store, account signup must be done on the company’s website, where you enter your personal information and card details. Apple warns users, however, that they will be leaving the “ecosystem” and that all interactions from the moment they leave the app will be handled by the app creator.

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“Any accounts or purchases made outside of this app will be managed by the developer of “Netflix”. App Store accounts, payment methods, and related features such as subscription management and return requests will not be available. Apple is not responsible for the security and privacy of transactions made with this developer,” says the message that is displayed before leaving the app.

However, Apple still doesn’t allow alternative payment systems for this type of app. The company is required in the Netherlands to allow developers to create their own in-app payment systems, but only in the dating category for services like Tinder.

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