Neeva launches in Europe. It’s a new search engine with no ads in the results

Neeva, a new online search service that debuted last year in the US and boasts no ads in results, will soon launch in Europe. It was founded by Sridhar Ramaswamy, a former Google engineer who was even in charge of developing ad technologies at the search giant. Monetisation of Neeva’s services is on a subscription basis, but there is also a free version.

The Neeva search engine is backed by a former Google engineer who is in charge of the very technologies behind the ads

Users in the UK, France and Germany will be the first to have access to Neeva outside the US. Users in these countries will be able to use the search service for free on “Basic” accounts, with certain limitations. Those who choose to pay get access to extra security systems to protect the user’s online identity and other exclusive benefits.

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In its first year of launch, Neeva attracted more than 600,000 users in the U.S., and now the company is looking to grow its user base, promising that the data users provide to Neeva will not be sold to other companies and will not be used in selling ads. It will, however, be used to improve search results, tailored more to each user’s preferences. That’s why the company requires the use of accounts, which can be signed up for free based on email, or Google, Apple or Microsoft accounts.

Incidentally, Neeva search results can also provide results from Gmail, Dropbox, or other services such as Github, Slack, Office 365, Jira, and others. The new browser is available on all major browsers and as an extension, and there’s even a Neeva browser on iOS that works as a standalone app with this search engine set by default.

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Compared to Google and other search engines, Neeva says it delivers 100% real results, unaffected by ads, whereas the first page on “big tgech” engines delivers only 60% real results, with the remaining 40% of the page covered by ads.

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