🎮 MultiVersus Fans Reaction to Game shutting down until 2024

MultiVersus, the highly anticipated platform fighter developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Games, has recently gone offline, leaving players eagerly awaiting its grand return in 2024. The game’s open beta, which garnered mixed reactions, has officially come to an end, and the developers have decided to take the time to further enhance and refine the gaming experience based on player feedback.

A Successful Beta with Room for Improvement

During its open beta phase, MultiVersus attempted to emulate the success of Super Smash Bros. by featuring a diverse roster of beloved characters like Batman, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, Rick and Morty, and more. The game managed to strike a balance between accessibility and technical depth, allowing players to enjoy team-based battles online.

IGN’s review of the open beta awarded MultiVersus a solid 8/10, praising its refreshing team-based battles as a great platform fighter for online play. However, every update to the game introduced various alterations, indicating the developers’ commitment to fine-tuning each character and leveling the playing field.

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MultiVersus Going Offline for Enhancements

In March, Warner Bros. Games announced that the beta test for MultiVersus would conclude, leading to the shutdown of servers on June 25. This decision was made to allow the developers to focus entirely on improving and refining the game without the distractions of a live online experience. By temporarily going offline, Player First Games aims to incorporate player feedback and deliver a new and improved MultiVersus when it returns in early 2024.

Although the online modes and features are no longer accessible, players who still have the game installed can enjoy limited gameplay with access to local matches and the training room. However, the majority of the community now patiently waits for the official release, hoping to see an array of new content and a thriving player community upon its return.

Mixed Reactions and Frustrations


The announcement of MultiVersus going dark until 2024 has sparked mixed reactions among players. While some expressed their sadness at not being able to play their favorite game for such a long period, others welcomed the hiatus, anticipating the game’s full release with high hopes.

However, there were also players who voiced their frustration, particularly those who had spent real money on the game. Locking them out of the content they paid for until next year was seen as an unfavorable move by some, questioning the decision of the game’s publishers.

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Looking Ahead to the Grand Return

With no specific release date announced yet, fans of MultiVersus must patiently wait for further updates and announcements from the developers. The extended development time allows Player First Games to take into account player feedback and implement significant improvements to ensure a captivating and enjoyable gaming experience upon the game’s re-launch in 2024.

The temporary hiatus presents an opportunity for the developers to deliver on the community’s expectations, offering new content, refining gameplay mechanics, and fostering a vibrant player community. MultiVersus enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the return of the game, hopeful that it will live up to its potential as a remarkable platform fighter.

Final thoughts on MultiVersus shutdown

MultiVersus has gone offline after a successful open beta period, leaving players excitedly waiting for its return in 2024. Player First Games aims to utilize the feedback received during the beta phase to enhance and refine the game, promising an improved experience upon its re-launch. While the temporary shutdown may disappoint some players, the anticipation for a fully realized MultiVersus with fresh content and an engaged player community remains high. Gamers around the world eagerly anticipate the day they can once again enter the MultiVersus arena.

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