Salesforce Web3: Cloud CRM Connects Brands to Web3

The Editor Salesforce confirms its ambition Web3 by announcing a dedicated suite. The platform aims to manage customers on the Web2 as Web3 and to tool the conduct of projects NFT.

Marc Mathieu, co-founder of the American CRM giant’s Web3 Studio, told a few weeks earlier: Web3 is at the heart of Salesforce’s innovation strategy.

“Salesforce has to get a grip on the subject, because in our opinion, it’s not just a matter of launching a CRM dedicated to Web3, but of anticipating the future of CRM,” he justified. The global publisher confirms this ambition.

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Unified customer data and centralized NFT management

After its NFT Cloud pilot, it announces Salesforce Web3. This is another sign of the company’s desire to occupy this new segment where many dedicated solutions are emerging.

But few are “able to accompany companies on large-scale developments, by connecting Web3 to their existing ecosystem of tools”, Marc Mathieu reacted in our columns.

With Salesforce Web3The number one CRM company believes it can fill this void. The company intends to cover three main areas with its platform: enriching customer profiles through Web3 data integration, creating digital collections (NFT), and managing Web3 engagement.

Two Tools: Web3 Connect and NFT Management

For this, the editor markets two tools under subscription: Web3 Connect (allowing to connect blockchain data to CRM) and NFT Managementthe solution dedicated to the creation and deployment of NFT from Salesforce.

The two SaaS applications are independent. Nevertheless, having Web3 Connect is essential to access NFT Management and its non-fungible token management features.

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The main competitive argument for Salesforce and its “unified” and “trusted” platform is therefore to offer brands to ” Create connected customer experiences across Web2 and Web3 “.

Salesforce Deeply Entrenched with Large Accounts

Reconciling the two worlds, the existing and the future, is the promise of the customer data specialist. And Salesforce is inevitably a threat to Web3 marketing startups like French startup Cohort.

The vendor is already claiming participation from major companies in its pilot program, which has processed more than 275,000 transactions from Crown Royal, Mattel and Scotch & Soda.

Salesforce Web3 enhances our NFT collections to help us connect with our customers and bring our Web2 and Web3 systems together. Web3 Connect allows us to gain valuable insights into our audience and seamlessly connect Web3 channels to the rest of our customer experience,” comments Sven Gerjets, CTO at Mattel.

To attract other customers, especially the large accounts with which it is already well established, Salesforce will be able to count on its consulting partners (Accenture, Deloitte Digital, etc.).

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