Mortal Kombat 1 shows off Omni-Man’s power in first trailer – That’s Gaming

NetherRealm Studios has released a trailer for the first DLC character coming to Mortal Kombat 1 – Omni-Man from Invincible. Featuring the voice of J.K. Simmons, the Viltrumite shows off his raw, relentless strength and speed, even better than that of Fire God Liu Kang. Watch it below.

When it comes to combos, Omni-Man relies on sheer brutality rather than flashiness, whether he’s punching or throwing his opponent left and right. He has a dodge, after which he teleports behind his opponent and pounds with super-fast blows. His Fatal Blow should also be familiar, evoking memories of the iconic “Think, Mark, think!” scene from the comics and show.

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His Fatalities, however, are undoubtedly the highlight. The first sees him using an opponent’s body to kill people on a train, while the second involves crushing a skull with his bare hands. Both refer to Omni-Man’s crimes in Invincible, and in between all the carnage you can also see Tremor, the first DLC Kameo Fighter.

Omni-Man and Tremor join the lineup in November as part of the Kombat Pack, which costs $39.99, but both can also be purchased separately. Stay tuned for more details and check out our review for the base game.

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