A sex offender who poses a ‘real risk’ to the public escapes from a UK jail

MADRID, Feb. 14 (Royals Blue) –

Paul Robson, a sex offender serving a life sentence for rape and abuse, has escaped from the Lincolnshire prison where he was incarcerated and British police have warned that the fugitive poses a “real risk” to the public.

Robson escaped from prison on Sunday and, after providing some details about how he could be dressed, the Police have asked the public that, if they see him, they do not try to approach him or arrest him themselves. “He poses a real risk and we are doing everything in our power to find and arrest him,” he added.

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Robson was jailed in 2000 after breaking into a woman’s house through the cat flap and attacking her in various ways in Oxford. He put a pillow over her head and held a knife to her throat as he attacked her. At that time he already had a long history of violent sexual attacks against women and young people. He was described by the court that sentenced him as “a threat to women”, Sky News has collected.

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