M&M’s drops its spokescandies after multiple kickbacks –

We’ve all become pretty familiar with seeing the iconic spokescandies adorning the front of M&M’s bags over the years, but this will change in the future. Because after another backlash after an American politician called out a recent shoe change on one of M&M’s to “woke” to be, the chocolate brand has decided that enough is enough and that the spokespersons should be bankrolled in favor of a new spokesperson.

As noted in a statement on M &M’s Twitter, the change was never intended to “break the Internet.”, but was expected to go completely unnoticed. But as M&M’s notes, “even the shoes of a candy can be polarizing.”

This has led M&M’s to decide to appoint comedian Maya Rudolph as its new spokesperson, someone they hope will be “will champion the power of fun to create a world where everyone feels they belong.”

Anyway, this all seems like a lot of overaction that will unfortunately cause the chocolate industry to lose one of its most iconic mascots.

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M&M's drops its spokescandies after multiple backlash

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