Robert Pattinson designed this weird couch –

After completing The Batman in 2022, Robert Pattinson had some free time. Instead of learning to paint or write a book, as most people do when they have a little too much free time, Pattinson decided to make the couch of his dreams.

“I started sketching furniture that I thought would let people interact in a playful and informal way.” he told Architectural Digest. “They all had disproportionate, extra-large elements that were quite nice. And while making some clay models, I discovered that organic overlapping curves had a similar effect.”

He then realized that his bench was becoming more and more like an ear, but decided to stick with the design because it seemed to be a kind of meta-commentary on how a bench can create conversation. Yeah, I’m not sure I get it either.

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The color was apparently the thing that took the most time to decide, because Pattinson wanted a chocolate color first, then a little more gray, before choosing white. When he was done, he decided to sell his piece at JF Chen, a furniture store in Los Angeles.

Robert Pattinson designed this weird couch

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