Microsoft tests a crypto wallet in its Edge browser

Microsoft is currently testing with ConsenSys the development of a non-custodial crypto wallet integrated with its web browser Edge. Rivals like Brave and Opera already have these features.

Is the crypto market now mature enough to warrant further development by Microsoft ? The question arises when Bleeping Computer reports the integration of a crypto wallet in the browser of the American giant.

The Internet user specialized in Microsoft solutions, AlbacoreAs for him, he carried out a software analysis and reverse engineering. This is how he discovered a wallet functionality within Microsoft Edge.

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Non-custodial and pre-integrated with Coinbase and Moonpay

Bleeping Computer was able to test the crypto walletwhich is currently only accessible to members of the Edge Dev Channel of the editor in the context of a restricted pilot. The tests are therefore on a non-custodial wallet.

This means that users retain control of their digital assets. Integrated into the browser, the wallet has the advantage of not requiring the installation of a specific extension or plugin.

According to published screenshots, Microsoft involves several partners in its developments. Thus, the wallet would offer integrations with crypto services such as Coinbase and Moonpay.

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In addition, the application would support NFTs and crypto swaps, in the manner of a MetaMask for example. Its editor and Ethereum expert, ConsenSyswould also be a Microsoft partner.

The swaps function provided by ConsenSys

A shareholder of ConsenSys since its last round of funding, the Redmond-based firm also collaborates with the Ethereum studio within the Aura blockchain consortium.

ConsenSys would have developed the functionality allowing token exchanges (ETH, UNIDAI, USDC and USDT) within Edge.

At Microsoft, we regularly test new features to explore new experiences for our customers,” a Microsoft spokesperson tells Bleeping Computer.

So it’s still too early to guarantee the wallet’s final deployment to the browser’s user base. The project remains at this stage in the experimentation phase. The editor does not wish to make any further comments.

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