Do we have to wait longer for the big leap in smartwatches?

The big innovation of the Apple Watch could not come until 2025.

The big innovation of the Apple Watch could not come until 2025.

Improved chip, brighter display, a new gesture function that isn’t even that new. The Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 turned out to be minor improvements over their predecessors.

Not too much of a surprise if we believe Mark Gurman. According to the journalist from Bloomberg, the “Apple Watch X” will be released next year and will have major innovations in store for us.

Now, however, there is a dissenting voice.

Is the Apple Watch X not coming until 2025?

What happened? Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted on the Medium platform that a much improved Apple Watch is not expected in 2024.

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Big leaps like the integration of a micro-LED display and blood sugar monitoring are at least two years away. The latter was already mentioned in a previous report and is feared to be several years away.

The first Apple Watch was announced in 2014 and launched in April 2015. So it’s quite possible that we’ll see another iterative upgrade to Apple’s existing smartwatches next year and that the big hit will come in 2025.

However, Kuo’s information on the platform is quite brief in seven points.

MacRumors believes that Kuo may be referring to the Series 9 and that the Apple Watch

According to Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch X will come onto the market with a thinner case and a new magnetic strap attachment system.

Shipments are also expected to decline by about 15 percent by the end of 2023 and smartwatch repositioning will be necessary to counteract the decline next year.

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The Apple Watch is to be integrated into the Vision Pro ecosystem in order to better influence people’s health. What exactly this health management should look like is probably up in the air over Cupertino.

Mirco recently switched from the Apple Watch 4 to the 8 series and no longer wants to be without two features.

A heavily modified Apple Watch might not await us until 2025. Do you think that Apple can reposition the smartwatch or even pull off a coup similar to that with the iPhone X? What improvements does the Apple Watch have to offer next year in order to be attractive to you? Or has the story of smartwatches long since been told? Feel free to write it in the comments below!

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