Microsoft now also allows adding Gmail accounts to the Outlook for Windows client

Paving the way for the Outlook for Windows client to become a universal solution for managing email accounts, Microsoft is opening the application to Gmail users, and soon to iCloud and Yahoo users.

Far from being a popular choice for younger audiences, Yahoo is still being used by those who “got acquainted” with the Internet back when Messenger was synonymous with Yahoo and not Facebook. Gmail and iCloud accounts are not worth mentioning, as they are practically indispensable for any Android or iOS user. It is therefore a strategic move for Microsoft to bring them all under the umbrella of its own Outlook service, especially as the latter has remained more of a niche solution for users who use Microsoft products directly, possibly for business purposes.

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The option to add your preferred email account turns Outlook for Windows virtually overnight into a strong competitor in the consumer email services niche. Until now, the app could only be linked to email addresses associated with Microsoft accounts used for personal or business purposes.

Like the native Gmail client, Outlook for Windows offers advanced features such as predictive message composition, option to include polls in sent emails, recall of messages for which you pressed the Send button (within 10 seconds), connect to Skype or Teams calls directly from the app, Google Calendar integration, etc.

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Microsoft has also listed a few features coming soon, such as more visual and customization options, a new calendar interface, offline support, and native ICS file type support.

Currently, the Outlook for Windows version with support for non-Microsoft email accounts is in the testing stage. Users enrolled in the Windows Insiders program can access the new version of Outlook from within the Windows Mail application by activating the “Try the new Outlook” message in the top-right corner of the screen.

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