Microsoft has added a new Enhanced Security Mode feature to the Edge browser

Beginning with version 98, Microsoft Edge includes new security technology that provides additional protection for everyday users. The feature originally added for testing can now be enabled by all Edge users.

Earlier this year, Microsoft Edge 98 added new security features that provide an “extra layer of protection” for users. What these options do is disable JIT, or Just-In-Time compilation, to prevent Web sites and applications from using code compiled on the fly. Although many websites use JIT to improve web browsing performance, this technology can also be used for malicious purposes, making it the biggest vulnerability after Adobe Flash technologies.

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Starting with Edge 98, most websites will no longer function as expected “If you turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing, Edge proactively checks whether pages and downloads you access are malicious, sending this information to Microsoft servers.

With the new option checked, Microsoft Edge users will still be able to browse most websites (at least the most popular ones) without problems. Microsoft Edge will only disable JIT and other features for websites that are not popular or that are not frequently visited by the user.

Enhanced Security mode comes disabled by default. You can enable it by going to Microsoft Edge Privacy, Search, and Services settings.

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