Microsoft expects next console generation in 2028 – That’s Gaming

As Microsoft goes to court with the FTC over its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, more documents have surfaced (via IGN). After revealing that Microsoft had not yet made a decision on bringing The Outer Worlds 2 to PlayStation, the company believes the “expected launch date” for the next generation of consoles is 2028.

This comment is not meant to confirm that the next generation of consoles will launch by then (if the word “expected” did not already make that clear). Regarding the commitment to release Call of Duty titles on PlayStation platforms for the next ten years, Microsoft said, “In any case, this timeframe would be longer than the expected launch period of the next generation of consoles (in 2028).”

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“So Call of Duty will be released on successor PlayStation consoles if released during the term of the agreement. The agreement would also ensure that Call of Duty console games will be offered on PlayStation on par with Xbox.”

This is in response to Sony’s statement that it would lose access to Call of Duty “and other Activision titles” by 2027. Sony has not yet announced plans for the release of a new PlayStation console, although there are rumors of a PS5 with a removable Blu-ray disc drive and the launch of the PS5 Pro during the 2024 holiday season.

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SIE president Jim Ryan told the FTC in April that the company cannot reveal details about its next console to Activision if the acquisition is approved. It remains to be seen whether equivalence with the Xbox versions would be possible under those circumstances.

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