Modern Warfare 3 is not the end of the Modern Warfare series – That’s Gaming

2011’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was the conclusion of the Modern Warfare subseries, at least until it returned in 2019 with its reboot. Unlike the original trilogy, however, the rebooted Modern Warfare series will not end with its upcoming third installment.

So said Brian Bloom, Call of Duty’s story director, in a recent interview with The Washington Post. He indicated that the rebooted series still has many stories and character arcs to deal with, and that even with three games to their name, they are “just getting started.”

“We think of character arcs as going in a certain direction, but they can also go off track, go backwards, people can evolve and degenerate,” Bloom said. “All of these elements provide fertile ground to tell stories, and that doesn’t stop there. In fact, I would say we are just getting started.”

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Activision recently fully revealed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, discussing the three main components of the experience and their biggest features. These include the multiplayer and remastered maps, the single player campaign and “Open Combat” missions, and a new open world PvE extraction version of the popular Zombies mode.

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