Microsoft confirmed it will not be present on the floor of E3 – That’s Gaming

Microsoft has officially confirmed that it will not have a presence on the show floor of E3 2023. An Xbox spokesperson told IGN that although it will air its Xbox Games Showcase on June 11 as part of E3 2023, it itself will not be present on the show floor.

In February, Nintendo also confirmed that it will skip E3 2023. Unlike Microsoft, however, Nintendo will not even be part of the digital component of E3. As it has in recent years, Nintendo will have its own Directs, as well as its Treehouse livestreams and videos.

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Sony has not confirmed whether or not it will attend E3 2023, but recent reports indicate that we will not see PlayStation’s owner at the event.

While E3 2023 itself may not have any major platform owners, the mid-June timeline of the event itself will have many other showcases. Ubisoft has also revealed that it will be present at the event, if E3 continues, because it has many new titles and updates to announce.

There is also speculation that Konami will be present at E3 2023 and is getting ready to announce a remake for Metal Gear Solid 3, as well as a new game in the Castlevania franchise.

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