Michael Saylor criticized for supporting Sam Bankman-Fried, here’s why

The crypto community has criticized American entrepreneur Michael Saylor for his latest statement of support for Sam Bankman-Fried.

The MicroStrategy co-founder is famous for his support of bitcoin adoption in the financial world. His company stands out as the largest institutional holder of Bitcoin, despite heavy unrealized losses from the recent price drop.

Michael Saylor supports Sam Bankman-Fried

Michael Saylor has a knack for tweeting random statements about bitcoin and its future prospects. In a recent tweet, he showed his support for the founder of FTX, which is under intense regulatory scrutiny due to allegations of user money fraud. However, Saylor’s tweet received heavy criticism from the crypto community, which is already reeling from the crash resulting from the collapse of FTX. Saylor’s statement focused on SBF’s role in increasing bitcoin adoption.

“Sam created a million Bitcoin Maximalists.”

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