Mexico power company workers were killed by hired killers

The workers of Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) killed on Tuesday afternoon in the Mexican state of Sonora were attacked by members of the criminal group ‘La Linea’, according to the Mexican government.

At around 9:00 a.m. (local time) on Tuesday, two crews of two CFE workers were attacked while traveling along the Hermosillo-Yécora federal highway, leaving two dead and two wounded, as reported by ‘El Universal’.

The attack, of which the perpetrator was unknown until now, was allegedly carried out by a group of hired killers, detailed the Secretary of Government of Sonora, Álvaro Bracamonte Sierra.

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The main line of investigation indicates that the aggression was due to confusion on the part of the criminal group, who attacked the workers thinking they were rival groups.

“We are informed by the Prosecutor’s Office that one of the vans they were in, there were two vans, one stopped to relieve itself and that is where the confusion occurred, but it is the Prosecutor’s Office who took ownership of the situation and is doing the investigations of the CFE workers,” indicated Bracamonte in statements to ‘El Sol de Mexico’.

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In response to the problem, the Secretary of Government has gone to the facilities of the regional offices of the CFE, to reassure the workers, who on a daily basis move to remote areas to carry out their work.

“They have problems to go out to work, we come to express our support to give them certainty that we will accompany them in this process, so they will be accompanied by the Public Security authorities”, added Bracamonte.

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