MediaTek introduces Dimensity 8200, a chipset for more demanding mid-range phones

Framed in the mid-range range, but benefiting from a 4nm manufacturing node reserved until recently only for high-end solutions, the Dimensity 8200 takes the performance of the Dimensity 8000 and 8100 solutions launched in early 2022 even higher.

The beneficiary of more efficient manufacturing technologies rather than real architectural improvements, the Dimensity 8200 still promises a consistent performance leap over the aforementioned solutions.

The “new” chipset offers the same octa-core CPU with Cortex A78 main core, included in a cluster with three more A78 cores + cluster with four A55 cores, the difference being only in the frequencies reached. Thus, the main core reaches 3.1GHz and the next three stop at 3.0GHz, (compared to 2.85GHz on the Dimensity 8100). Less importantly, the four-core A55 cluster remains at the same 2.0GHz frequency, helping instead to improve battery life.

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On the short list of improvements are Bluetooth LE connectivity and support for synchronous stereo wireless playback to multiple devices simultaneously. But these are new connection standards rather than hardware changes. The offering continues with support for HDR video capture and ray-tracing support in games, contained in the newest Vulkan SDK integrated with the video driver.

While it doesn’t offer much in the way of real innovation, the Dimensity 8200 chipset could be quite successful with phones touted as flaghip-killers, but marketed at affordable prices to consumers in emerging markets such as India.

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