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The Liebherr crane from LEGO Technic is one of the largest sets available - but the selection is even bigger!
The Liebherr crane from LEGO Technic is one of the largest sets available - but the selection is even bigger!

The Liebherr crane from LEGO Technic is one of the largest sets available – but the selection is even bigger!

When I first visited many years ago LEGO Technicset as a gift from my grandpa, it was really mindblowing. Until then I had “only” built freely with my large LEGO box. But then with Pneumatics, motors and sophisticated mechanisms and gearsa new universe almost opened up.

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LEGO Technic: Motorized Liebherr crane with almost 3,000 pieces on offer!

LEGO Technic has long established itself as one of the most fascinating and challenging toy lines established for children and adults who are young at heart. With a mix of precision, functionality and complexity, LEGO Technic pulls Builders of all ages under his spell. The detailed sets offer an impressive approach to the mechanics and technology of real machines and vehicles, coupled with the unmistakable LEGO building fun.

The Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane from LEGO Technic

The LEGO Technic Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane (42146) stands out among the outstanding sets. This colossus among model kits demands with its 2,883 shares even experienced LEGO builders are selected and represented one of the most powerful cranes in the world in impressive detail. With a Height of 100 centimeters, a length of 110 centimeters and a width of 28 centimeters, this model dominates every collection.

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Grab the LEGO Technic crane on offer now

The integrated one LEGO Technic CONTROL+ App opened lets you control the crane from your cell phone. This includes features like this Raising and lowering loads, turning the cab or extending the boom include.

In addition, the Liebherr crane impresses with its detailed replica, made by the Caterpillar chains over the complex lattice mast construction right down to the numerous small add-on parts that are based on real models.

The construction of this set not only promotes spatial imagination and fine motor skills, but also conveys a profound Understanding of mechanics and functionality such a complex crane. Every element, from the sturdy supports to the highly detailed cab, is designed to provide the most authentic building and play experience that will fascinate and challenge both young and adult LEGO fans.

The LEGO Technic crane now costs with a discount only €420.16 on offer. For comparison: At LEGO it costs an insane €679.99 in the store!

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LEGO Technic car models with gears – and a helicopter!

Lamborghini Hurricane by LEGO Technic

The LEGO Technic Lamborghini Huracán is another highlight for every sports car fan. The sports car sets from LEGO Technic are very popular and rely on one detailed replica in terminal blocks. With many moving parts!

  • Dimensions: With a width of 57 cm, a height of 37.5 cm and a depth of 15 cm
  • Number of parts: The set consists of 3696 parts
  • Particularities: Sequential 8-speed manual transmission, a movable rear spoiler, opening front and tailgate, detailed disc brakes and gold rims
  • Weight: Weighing 6,124 kilos
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LEGO Technic helicopter

The Airbus H175 rescue helicopter (42145) is an impressive model that particularly appeals to young and curious builders. With 2,001 pieces, this set offers a detailed and realistic replica of a search and rescue helicopter.

  • Dimensions: The model is 24 cm high, 72 cm long and 13 cm deep
  • Number of parts: The set consists of 2001 parts
  • The engine: The helicopter has an included engine that powers the main and tail rotors.
  • Particularities: Engine, swashplate for blade adjustment, a cockpit door, sliding doors and opening panels that provide insight into the internal mechanics.
  • Weight: The total weight of the set is 2.66 kilos

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