Why a Bluetooth speaker with a keyboard is being celebrated by so many right now

Mirror, mirror, on the wall: what’s the most playful gadget of them all? The answer to this fairytale tech question might be: the Divoom Ditoo! Please what?

What sounds like a ’70s new wave band is actually a Bluetooth speaker with 100 watts of 360-degree surround sound. But the cute roar cube is so much more than that – but above all it is: A beautiful play and fun particle that speaks a pixelated design language. Reads Gaga, but is cute.

On the YouTube channel NL Tech, a video is dedicated to the unpacking of the cube wonders – and already amazes the tester when booting – because: Every time you boot up, you see a different start screen with a cute pixel look.

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Mixed cube details

As I said: Divoom Ditoo is primarily a Bluetooth speaker; accordingly there is one Bass reflex port on the back of the device installed. A 3.55-inch display is installed on the front of the device – pixel-driven display values ​​will flicker over it later!

Micro SD ports? Aren’t they obsolete in 2023? Not with the Divoom Ditoo, because such a connection is built into the side of the device – invites you to play MP3s. The micro SD port is adjacent to a USB-C slot and the obligatory on and off button.

For input, there is a mechanical keyboard with just one, two, three, four, five, six, … eight? Yes indeed, eight mechanical keys! The associated keycaps are interchangeable. There is also a lever next to the mini-keyboard; its design is reminiscent of the one-armed bandit lever from the arcade.

The die is cast – so is the app

Additional functions can be controlled via an app specially designed for the Divoom Ditoo: For example, Frame-by-frame animations draw via the app – and then upload it to the Divoom Ditoo itself.

Other app gimmicks of a fun nature include: A text editor, with which – who would have thought it? – Generate pixelated fonts. For the audiophile user there is the so-called noise meter; This decibel display visualizes the current volume (loud, quiet or moderately loud).

Also Gaming can be operated with the Divoom Ditoo – albeit in the smallest possible framework via classic casual games such as Snake or Tetris.

who his Childhood dinosaur sleep light lamp missing, the Divoom can also make Ditoo usable for this. Why not? In times of generations Kidult (a hybrid of the English words for Kind and adult), sleeping light lamps are certainly not a no-go – as recently proved by the Pokémon sleep app.

Ergo: Yes, these are all funny just-for-fun functions that are by no means necessary for survival – but: The Divoom Ditoo is in and of itself a device that addresses the user’s play instinct.

Say: Anyone who can get excited about cute bling-bling toys will also be happy to have fun with the Divoom Ditto – or at least give the crumb box as a gift.

What do you think of this retro-chic cube? Would you put such a technical gimmick on your shelf, or do you see the Divoom Ditoo as a personal affront to your high-performance computer. Or – completely different: Is the target group for this tiny device made up exclusively of Mainzelmännchen, Smurfs and other miniature people anyway? Feel free to discuss in our comments what you think of the part!

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