Mark Hamill now voices Ukrainian air raid warning app -.

Although it doesn’t seem to be getting the same mainstream press coverage as it did a year ago, Ukraine is still very much at war with Russia. To this end, countries, organizations and individuals are still looking for ways to help the country during this truly horrific time, and for Mark Hamill this includes lending his voice to an air raid app to alert Ukrainian citizens when an attack comes in.

As reported by AP News, Hamill’s voice can be used on the Air Alert app, which is linked directly to the country’s air defense system that warns of incoming missile attacks, bombings and exploding drones.

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The actor provides several short and concise alerts, such as “don’t be careless.” and “your hubris is your weakness”, all in an effort to encourage people to get to safety before the strikes. When the alarm is over, Hamill even signs off with: “May the Force be with you.”

Hamill is also part of fundraising efforts to help Ukrainian troops, including auctioning signed Star Wars posters, all in an effort to buy reconnaissance drones.

Mark Hamill now voices Ukrainian air raid warning app

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