Sega and Tencent’s Level Infinite also skip E3 2023 – That’s Gaming

E3 is going to look leaner and leaner this year, first Ubisoft already came out with their absence and now some more will follow. Indeed, IGN managed to confirm that SEGA is not coming either, it is going to share some information about titles and projects in the future.

Tencent’s publishing iniative Level Infinite won’t be there either. instead, it’s going to Play Days 2023, organized by Geoff Keighley. Bandai Namco will also be there, but did not reveal whether they attended E3. Devolver Digital won’t be attending E3 either, but will come with its own show.

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The situation is a bit separate and it’s waiting for someone to cancel and so that happened with Ubisoft, then it’s a house of cards that collapses.

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