Man faces jail time for stealing more than 200 game chairs -.

If you go for high-end equipment, then gaming can be an expensive hobby. Even just getting your hands on a chair can cost you hundreds of pounds. As one of the most popular makers of gaming chairs, SecretLab sells many of its products at a premium price.

But an employee tried to circumvent the market by embezzling chairs and passing them on to an accomplice to sell on the second-hand marketplace site Carousell. The employee in question reportedly managed to embezzle more than 200 chairs, worth about £72,000.

The employee was responsible for the delivery schedules and distribution of SecretLab’s chairs, which allowed them to suddenly go missing without people immediately picking up on it. Over time, of course, the company noticed that 200 chairs had gone missing, and so they picked up the suspect. This all happened in 2018-2019, but the conviction occurred only recently.

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The former employee faces 14 months in prison and his accomplice awaits sentencing.

Thanks, Channel News Asia.

Man faces jail time for stealing more than 200 game chairs

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